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      《How I ’m Making It》:克麗緹娜執行長趙承佑談領導力 、職場多元化和賦權女創業者

      品牌 克麗緹娜  ·  2023-11-06

      With China firmly is his grasp, what's next for Ryan Chao? The forward-thinking CEO shares his ambitious plans and reflects on the limitless opportunities of the growing beauty space.

      掌握中國市場后,下一步計劃是什么? 這位充滿前瞻性的CEO趙承佑,分享了他雄心勃勃的計劃。同時,也回顧了不斷增長的美業市場所帶來的無限機遇。

      Being in a room full of women on a daily basis doesn ’t faze Ryan Chao; in fact, he sees it as a learning opportunity. At Chlitina, where Chao is CEO, women make up 73percent of the workforce and an impressive 62 percent of the executive leadership roles.

      在克麗緹娜,女性員工占比73%,并且,高管中女性占比達到62%。趙承佑是克麗緹娜集團的 CEO,每天待在全是女性的工作環境里,趙承佑不僅不覺得不適應,反而覺得這是學習的機會。

      “Being a male CEO in a female-majority company has taught me quite a bit, ” he says,  “When I look around, I see that women often outshine their male counterparts. They naturally bring qualities like emotional intelligence, empathy, and fantastic collaboration skills to the table. These traits contribute significantly to their success in the workplace.”

      “作為一家以女性為主的公司中的男 CEO,我學到了很多東西”。

      “ 當我觀察周圍時,我發現,在工作中女性往往比男性做的更出色。她們天然自帶諸如:情商、同理心、出色的溝通技巧等優秀的特質,這些特質在她們工作以及成功路上起到了重要作用?!?/p>

      Collaboration and inclusivity are the two cornerstones of Chao ’s leadership approach. “My role is all about leveraging my male perspective and blending it with the incredible strengths of the women I work with. It's like a superpower combo. It's a partnership that proves that diversity in the workplace isn't just a buzzword–it's a game-changer.”



      640 (15).jpg

      If the name Chlitina doesn ’t ring a bell, it should and it soon will. The cosmetics company is arguably Asia ’s largest with over 5,000 franchised stores in the region, a private training institute for beauticians, and an R&D centre to boot.

      如果你沒聽說過克麗緹娜,那很快你就會對它有深刻印象??他惥熌仁莵喼廾罉I的行業龍頭。在亞洲擁有 5000 多家門店、一所美容師培訓學校以及研發中心。

      Next on Chlitina ’s ambitious expansion plans? Singapore. Having visited the island on numerous occasions – most recently attending the 21st Forbes Global CEO Conference – Chao is already plotting his next move. “ Singapore, oh what a place! It's the world's melting pot and a powerhouse in the global financial scene. We see it as the perfect launchpad for our international expansion and are in the middle of exciting plans to set up shop here.”

      雄心勃勃的克麗緹娜下一步將在哪繼續擴大它的計劃?  新加坡。趙承佑已多次到訪中國臺灣,最近又參與了第21屆福布斯全球CEO論壇,他已經在計劃下一步行動。


      640 (14).jpg

      作為克麗緹娜的第三代領導人,趙承佑重任在肩。他的外公是令人敬畏的陳武剛博士,于1989年創立了這家公司,他開拓性的將植物氨基酸應用到克麗緹娜產品中,因此他享有了“氨基酸之父”的美譽。1997 年,他的母親陳碧華加入克麗緹娜,帶領公司在中國大陸市場快速擴張。

      Since joining the fold in 2012, Chao has been on the mission to spearhead Chlitina’s transformatio into a digital-first company. “The digital makeover of the beauty industry is not a choice anymore; it's a necessity. At Chlitina, we've been leading the charge in the digitalisation of China's beauty industry by seamlessly blended digital tools with our physical stores to make shopping experience more engaging,”  he says.  “This combination of digital and brick-and-mortar has turned out to be a winning strategy. It's like having the best of both worlds, you know?”


      Not one to rest on his laurels, Chao is now turning his focus on something new: health and wellness. As consumers become increasingly demanding, Chlitina is quickly evolving and keeping up with the times by offering holistic well-being enhancements ranging from nails to eyelashes, facials,medical aesthetics, and even plastic surgery.

      趙承佑并沒有滿足于已取得的成就,如今的趙承佑已將目光投向新的領域: 健康和保養。隨  著消費者的需求越來越高,克麗緹娜也在迅速發展、與時俱進:在美甲、睫毛、面部護理、醫美甚至整形手術等方面,不斷提供更加全面的服務。

      Below, we catch up with the affable leader as he shares his vision for Chlitina and how he makes it work.


      What does a typical workday look like for you?


      Ryan Chao (RC): It usually involves discussing important decisions with frontline supervisors, participating in group meetings, and simultaneously working on completing my doctoral studies.

      趙承佑 :通常包括與一線主管討論重要的決策、參加小組會議,同時完成我的博士課程。

      What do you think are the qualities of a good leader?


      RC: I believe that a good leader should maintain openness, listen to colleagues' voices, and stay attuned to market changes. In today's world, besides reacting quickly to the market, it is important to have a long-term perspective. Over the years, I've observed how some companies rise while others fall rapidly. To maintain competitiveness, businesses need a long-term vision and strategic planning to minimise mistakes and keep their sights set on the future.


      640 (13).jpg

      You are a third-generation leader. How has Chlitina’s leadership has evolved over the years?


      RC: My family has always led the entire company with an open and inclusive attitude. However, with the market and environment changing rapidly, our pace has accelerated, and decision-making has become more complex.

      趙承佑:我的家族始終以開放包容的態度領導整個公司。然而 ,隨著市場和環境的快速變化,我們發展的腳步在加快了,同時決策也變得更加復雜。

      What is your biggest accomplishment to date–both professionally and personally?


      RC: On the company level, I am driving the digitalisation progress within the group.

      On the personal level, my family life is fulfilling and I am pursuing a PhD.Learning is a lifelong process; regardless of what position I am holding, it is essential to continually acquire knowledge to keep up with the world.

      趙承佑:在公司層面,我推動了集團內部數字化轉型的進程。就個人而言,我的家庭生活很美滿,并且目前我正在攻讀博士學位。學習是一個終身的過程 ,無論我身處什么職位,都必須不斷獲取知識,才能跟上世界的步伐。

      Tell us more about Chiltina’s brand mission to empower women.


      RC: We are a pro woman brand–a brand that believes inempowering women and enabling them to build self-confidence and self-belief to change their own lives.For instance, Germes (our esteemed beauty training academy) is dedicated to cultivating future beauty entrepreneurs through our unique female empowerment business model. As we venture into the international arena, we want to empower our  overseas  franchise  partners   and  support  them  in  building  successful  beauty businesses.


      What were the biggest challenges you faced as a CEO and how did you overcome them?

      Tatler:作為 CEO,請問您經歷的最大挑戰是什么?您是如何克服的?

      RC: Chlitina  started  as  a  salon-based  business,  focusing  on  exceptional  products  and  quality service closely connected to consumers. Over the past 30years, with the advent of the AI era and changing consumer preferences towards speed and efficiency, Chlitina faced challenges. However, we never  lost our way because we believed that regardless of how times change, consumers still need personal service, especially in beauty and wellness services such as beauty treatments and nail care. It's not just about the pursuit of appearance but also about the experience of being served and building trust with the beauticians. Chlitina adapts well to both retail and online sales, and both complement each other. In my view, while the new era poses challenges, it also presents better business opportunities.

      趙承佑:克麗緹娜最初是一家以美容沙龍為基礎的企業,專注于與消費者密切相關的卓越產品和優質服務。在過去的 30 年里 ,隨著人工智能時代的到來,以及消費者對產品效率和功效偏好的不斷變化,使克麗緹娜面臨著各種挑戰。但盡管如此,我們從未迷失方向,因為我們堅信,無論時代如何變化,消費者仍然需要個性化服務。尤其是在美容保養方面,比如面部護理和美甲護理。這不僅是對外表美觀的追求,同時也是基于美容師的服務所建立的信任??他惥熌群芎玫剡m應了零售和網上銷售模式,使兩者相輔相成。在我看來,雖然新時代帶來了挑戰,但也帶來了更好的商業機遇。

      What is the most rewarding part of what you do?


      RC: When I see franchise stores change their own destiny and achieve success, I feel incredibly excited and proud. It is the reward for all their hard work, perseverance, and teamwork. It is notjust my personal success but also a victory for the entire team. Thisexperience inspires me to continue pursuing more growth for Chlitina, and this affirms our team determination and resilience in this journey together.

      趙承佑: 當我看到加盟商改變自己的命運并取得成功時,我感到由衷的興奮與自豪。這是他們辛勤工作、堅持不懈、團隊合作的成果。這不僅僅是我個人的成功,更是整個團隊的勝利。這些經歷激勵我繼續為克麗緹娜追求更多發展的空間,也堅定了整個團隊的決心和韌性。

      640 (12).jpg

      How do you unwind?


      RC: I love watching movies, playing basketball, golfing, and collecting Marvel figurines. These hobbies allow me to relax and indulge in a diverse range of interests.


      How do you achieve a work-life balance and set boundaries?


      RC: Through family life. Generally when I return home, I try my best to set work aside and focus on my family. This helps me reduce stress while staying focused, allowing me to excel at work and participate more in family activities to foster closer relationships with those I love.


      What is your vision for Chlitina?


      RC: What Chlitina wants to do is to become a ‘ one-stop ’   and  ‘ all ages ’  solution. Therefore, whether it's for one year or 10 years, our goal remains unchanged–to provide comprehensive health and beauty services for women. We will continue to strengthen the health sector and actively plan expansion into other Asian countries.

      趙承佑:克麗緹娜想做的是提供 "一站式 "和 "全年齡段 "解決方案。因此,無論是一年還是十年,我們的目標都不會改變——那就是為女性提供全面的健康和美容服務。我們將繼續加強健康領域布局,并積極計劃向亞洲其他國家擴張。

      What is the best piece of advice that you’ve received?


      RC: Always remain open, sense market changes, and be brave to try new things.


      And finally, what is the best advice you can share to fellow leaders and innovators in the beauty industry?


      RC: The future women's market will only become more important and expansive. So by focusing on observing women's needs from the inside out, there will be limitless market opportunities.

      趙承佑:未來女性市場只會變得更加重要和廣闊。因此,由內而外,深入的了解女性需求, 將會有無限的市場機會。


      *How I’m Making It is a series in which Tatler speaks to influential individuals about their unique journeys and what keeps them going.

      *《How I’m Making It》是一檔系列節目,邀請有影響力的成功人士,分享他們獨特的人生經歷以及前行的動力。

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